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ORTMANIACS PHOTOGRAPHY is a photographic conspiracy between Hannes and Peter Ortmann. Check out their new online portfolios, showing high quality action sports, landscape and event photography.

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Benefit from ORTMANIACS PHOTOGRAPHY´s widespread experience and the high quality standard we demand from ourselves. As we are collaborating photographers, you can benefit from us working together as a team. Close collaboration at bigger events enables us to cover the breathtaking moments without any drop in quality. The extended equipment base and availability ensures our readiness to catch that one moment and record it in outstanding quality. Working on seperate projects the quality still benefits from 4 eyes reviews and the right equipment at our fingertips.


ORTMANIACS PHOTOGRAPHY is focused on action sports of any kind, outdoors as well as indoors. We´re experienced in shooting snowboard, freeski, bmx, mountainbike, freestyle motocross, skateboard and breakdance action.


Our aim is to document events with high-quality photos, cause professional pictures will bring the happening back into mind, and furthermore are the best advertisement for a following activity. Our experience covers snowboard, skate and bike contests, as well as freestyle motocross shows or whole trips of teams.


Need editorial photos for a catalogue, website or magazine? Product pictures for your webshop or advertisement? We already produced high-quality product shots of clothes, scooters and even the FC Bayern München bus in front of the Allianz Arena.


As photography is our passion, we´re not only looking for prestigious jobs. We got to know a lot of interesting people and friends through our work over the last years, and we´d love to get in touch with more motivated, creative or just kind people.
So, if you are a talented or motivated athlete who needs photos for sponsors or sponsor application, maybe you just have an idea of a shot you always wanted to do, or need photos for your website, or even just a poster as present for your relatives and friends…no matter what, let us know!


Don’t hesitate sending us your request or ideas, we´re always open for interesting projects!

Hannes & Peter

Feedback //

Besides the fact, that it’s always a blast to hang out with the Ortmaniacs, these guys are extremely motivated and motivating, both for riders as well as for our marketing department. Courious to try new perspectives in photography, keen on telling a story in their pictures, highly professional when it gets to fullfillment. By living a true rider’s live themselves both Peter and Hannes are able to freeze moments most of the people didn’t even know they’d exist.

Peter Bauer & Anian Thrainer
Amplid ::: Next Level Riding

I was impressed by the flexible and unconventional work Ortmaniacs Photography did for us. They produce premium images, with minimal expenditure of time and no further assistant needed. They got the eye and the skills for the “exceptional photo”. As coaches are a rather static and unspectacular object, this is of particular importance for us.

Sigrid Stark
Marketing/Advertisement/PR, Autobus Oberbayern

The Upforce crew loves to work together with the Ortmaniacs. They are really good guys, very easy going and uncomplicated and you know before the shooting that the outcome will be great and unique. They understand the way we riders think and what we love to see in pictures… and Hannes and Peter get the job done!

Busty Wolter
Founder of Upforce and Pro-FMX rider

The ortmaniac brothers rock! Their talent and passion to photograph is a bless to the sports and motives, they’re shooting. They’re living the lifestyle of professional photographers, but they’re still settled, good and straight guys and by the way friends of mine, too! I love their photos. Most of them are telling a true story and they’re infrequently staged…! They’re some kind of real artists…

Frank “Facy” Knuerr
Founder of the ChillandDestroy Slopestyle Tour

What to say about the ortmaniacs? Well the photos are speaking for them self. I know both of them since a while and one of the most important points for me is the fun, the riders having together with the dudes. Hannes is having a funny sence of humor and if you see Peter rolling down the hill like an avalanche with his big, heavy backpack it´s always good for a laugh.

MarC Fischer
EU Marketing Manager Skullcandy

I got to know Peter some years ago at a contest…shortly after that I also got to know his brother Hannes…over the time we became really good friends. Everytime I go shooting with the ortmaniacs its a blast… we have so much fun together and still getting really beautiful pics.

Benny Deeg

Just lately Peter from Ortmanics help me out with a very urgent photo job. I was really happy that he helped me out on such a short notice! I was really satisfied with his work and look forward to work again with those guys! Thank you!

Andi Aurhammer
International Marketing, NITRO